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Special Collection

New perspectives and practices in Digital Humanities Data

Collection launched: 28 Feb 2022

The Journal of Open Humanities Data has acquired a special position as a publication venue devoted to a culture of open data in the Humanities. Meanwhile, over ten years the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) has achieved a leading position in training the international community in the latest Digital Humanities methods, open data standards and practices.

To celebrate these achievements, we are launching a special collection of the Journal of Open Humanities Data associated with the 10th anniversary of the summer school, to be guest edited by the current DHOxSS Directors.

The special collection will focus on the unique expertise of the Digital Humanities at Oxford and Summer School community.

About the Guest editors
David De Roure is Professor of e-Research at the University of Oxford, and a Turing Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute. He has worked with the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School since 2011 as a Lecturer, strand convenor, Director and Co-Director.

Megan Gooch is the Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities Support at the University of Oxford and the current Director of the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School. She has worked as a curator, producer and researcher in museums and heritage with a focus on numismatics, audience engagement and digital pedagogy.